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Our goal at Moore & Johnson is to exceed your expectations. This means providing you service options to ensure that your day runs smoothly. Moore & Johnson now offers you an enhanced customer service experience by introducing new online service options.


                 M&J24 Benefits  

  • View and reprint automobile ID cards
  • View critical policy information
  • Report claims online with the option to upload pictures and related claims documentation
  • Request policy changes online
  • Access your agent’s direct contact information
  • Review and download account documents
  • Receive documented confirmation of all activity conducted online
  • Obtain a certificate of insurance (commercial accounts only)
  • Maintain and manage an up-to-date list of certificate holders (commercial accounts only)

M&J24 offers you secure access to your insurance information online 24/7 from a computer or mobile device.  With access to your information where and when you need it, you can focus on your responsibilities rather than your insurance. M&J24 provides online access to your insurance information, which insures a faster service response. We put the power back in your hands, giving you access to make the most of your time.  These services are available to you at no additional cost.

In order to get started, please click here for instructions!

Have a question about Certificates of Insurance, click here for easy instructions!


PLEASE NOTE: Requests for the addition, deletion, or modification of coverage are not effective until authorized and confirmed by a licensed representative of Moore & Johnson.



Additional Information:



Because each M&J24 user is assigned a unique sign-on and password, you can designate one or more individuals in your office to have access to your insurance information. Based on your needs, M&J24 can be tailored to provide a limited or broad amount of information for your users.



When you need to report a claim, it is important to do so while the details are fresh in your mind. Our online portal provides you with a questionnaire and the ability to upload any related documentation, including accident photos. This option is available via mobile device as well, allowing you to report a claim from your smartphone or tablet.  The information you provide is sent directly to us to begin processing your claims.

While it is our preference that all critical accidents or emergency claims be reported to us by phone, minor first-party property and automobile losses can be reported through the M&J24 webpage. This service allows you to report a claim that happens after hours and on weekends while the details are fresh in your mind.



With online access, you can print your Auto ID Card, which is extremely valuable in situations when it has been lost or misplaced. This document can be printed, emailed, viewed on screen or faxed directly from the online access portal.



M&J24 allows you to make changes to your insurance information, including sending a request to add, delete and/or modify coverage. You can request these changes to automobile policies, property policies and equipment policies, to name a few. This service is available during regular office hours, as well as after hours and on weekends, offering a convenient way of communicating and instructing necessary policy changes to us to save you time and keystrokes. Of course, you still have the option to email or call your account manager with changes if that is preferred.



M&J24 enables you to manage all of your certificate holders in one location. You can add, modify and delete holders at any time. In addition, you can easily review certificate holders prior to renewal. Eliminate past certificate holders who no longer do business with you and/or who do not require a renewal certificate, enabling you and your business to distribute certificates only to those companies or individuals who have a current interest in your business or operations.



One of the key features of M&J24 is that all activity is verified and confirmed by a responding email to the individual who initiates the activity. The email will confirm that the request has been received by the agency.





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