Complex Risk Division
We are committed to becoming an active member of your risk analysis team. We provide valuable insight, ingenuity, and adaptability to all our clients. We do not set limits and live within them. We are constantly pushing our boundaries to best serve you.

The following are just a sampling of services Moore & Johnson can offer your company: 

Benchmarking Analysis- Comparing you to your peers and analyzing industry trends

Risk Control & Safety Visits- Prevent future accidents and employee injuries by a complete hazard analysis

Claim Reserve Analysis and Review- Verifying claims to make sure the reserves are accurate and not over-reserved so you do not over pay for your insurance

Experience Modification Projection and Analysis- We pro-actively monitor your anniversary rating period to reduce and close all claims prior to the promulgation of your Experience Rating Factor to reduce your premium and control costs.

Large Loss Review/Adjuster- File Review Sessions

Online Employer Training Systems

Loss Development and Triangulation of Loss Analysis- We monitor and trend your prior year and current year losses to isolate claims that have a potential to impact your rates and experience rating factors.

Written Service Timeline- We will create a customized and prioritized service plan that will schedule all pro-active services throughout the year and future years to continue to measure and track progress.

Safety Team Organization and Development- We will help organize, assist, create and support Monthly or Quarterly safety team meetings. We will deploy a formalized accident investigation program, review losses, present on topics relevant to your safety concerns, and deliver pro-active services to contain and reduce costs.

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